01 October, 2007

Laptops for the common man

It's sleek, smart and tech savvy and costs only Rs 15,000. An expatriate Indian is all set to launch a unique lightweight and affordable laptop computer in Indian markets.An aviation engineer and missile scientist with British aerospace, Hirji Kanji Patel, came to India a few years ago and founded a company specialised in manufacturing of laptop computers.The company was the first to come out with low-cost laptops in 2006. And today, he is ready to start production of a cost effective laptop by first quarter of 2008, without compromising on the features.
Sale of 'notebook' computers registered the fastest growth in India - 144 per cent to 431,834 units in 2005. Indian IT industry says, the estimated sales of computers in the country were around 5.6 million units in 2006-07.