13 February, 2008

Some more important points from the BRIC report:

1) Growth for BRIC countries will slow at the end of this period.

2) Individuals in the BRIC countries will still be poorer on an average than individuals from the G6 countries, with the exception of Russia. China’s per capita is expected to be $30,000, approximately what it is for the developed nations today.

3) Local spending patterns will change and this will impact the demand and pricing of various commodities and products.

4) Companies who do business globally will benefit.

5) BRICs economies in the next 40 years will be larger than the G6 in US dollar terms! Currently they are worth less than 15%.

6) Russia could overtake UK, Germany, France and Italy.

7) China could overtake Japan, Germany and lastly by 2039 - the US.

8) Of the current G6 countries, only two may remain in the G6 - US and Japan.