07 November, 2008

one unsignificant tool(as thought) which was significant in helping Obama win-WHITE PAPER

Guess it might be a new term for most of you ..but here it is proving to be a very useful tool to him ..even his rival used it .but favored only one...

Young voters don’t like to read lengthy documents. As candidates increase the targeting of younger voters, the viability of an 8- to 10-page text-oriented printed or HTML-based white paper will increasingly be challenged in building credibility with a younger voting audience.

In fact, if you look on theirwebsite, you will find several white papers representing some of John McCain’s current economic and policy positions. While John McCain has over 13 formal positions on the issues, he does not post actual white papers on his official campaign website.

Barack Obama takes a different approach, referring to his white papers as “position papers” and on occasion using the familiar term “plans.” On his website, he lists 25 different social, economic, and national security–related issues, each with their own “plan document” at the end of the web page. Each of these documents has the feel of a white paper, ranging from 4 to 8 pages, that describes the details behind his positions on each of these topics.

These are handy all the time for a progressive path...