19 August, 2009

Google is blinking coz of Bing

Microsoft's search engine Bing continued to pick up market share in the U.S. for the second straight month in July, while Google and Yahoo experienced declines. Bing, which was launched in early June, racked up 8.9 percent of U.S. internet searches in July, up 0.5 percent from June. Whereas, Google, the leader in the market, and Yahoo, the distant No. 2, both lost 0.3 percent of market share in July, (dipping to 64.7 percent and 19.3 percent respectively), reports comScore, an analytics firm.

In fact, Bing was the only search engine among the top five that saw an increase in the total number of search queries, from 1.179 billion to 1.208 billion, a two percent jump. Google was down by four percent (to 8.783 billion) and Yahoo fell five percent (to 2.625 billion). Ask and AOL accounted for 3.9 percent and 3.1 percent of the search market in July respectively.

In terms of worldwide search market share, Google processed 78.45 percent of all searches in July; Bing had 3.17 percent, China's Baidu (8.87 percent) and Yahoo (7.15 percent), according to NetApplications.