23 September, 2010

Rich get Richer ...to Rs 144 lakh crore over the next three years in India!

Yes you heard it right, people are getting rich in India but not all, but only HNIs. According to a report released by Karvy ,wealth held by individuals in the country is likely to double from the present Rs 73-lakh-crore to Rs 144 lakh crore over the next three years.Of the Rs 73-lakh-crore wealth held by the individuals currently, Rs 22.73 lakh crore or 31.1 per cent of the total is in the form of direct equity while Rs 22.16 lakh crore (30.3 per cent) are in the fixed deposits and bonds.

Well considering the figures quoted above i feel that there are few disparities when it comes to the Income Tax that has been collected thus far. To make you know think calcuate 30 % of 73-lakh-crores ! is this the amount we collected thus far in this year from HNIs..question to think people, if they paid where did the government use, if they did not pay the tax, where did the individual keep the money....