08 October, 2010

1st Global report of Credit Suisse Research Institute

In its inaugural Global Wealth Report, Credit Suisse Research Institute predicts total wealth in China will more than double in five years, jumping 111 percent to 35 trillion US dollars.The United States currently has the largest share of wealth in the world, amounting to 27 percent of 195 trillion dollars. Japan comes in at second place with 11 percent and is trailed by China with eight percent, the report showed. France, Italy, Germany and Britain come in at fourth place with six percent.
The report is based on data collected mid-2010 across more than 200 countries.

The report also found there are more billionaires in the Asia Pacific region than in Europe,Of more than 1,000 billionaires globally, 500 are in North America, 245 in the Asia Pacific and 230 in Europe..for more .

Well  i feel that we as country need to tighten up the Economic reforms, enough is  not just enough , i am not saying this because of what this report says, but with a potential of such huge talent and resources we can afford or rather i can say, we DARE to be where we truly deserve to be!