11 October, 2010

CWG - in & out of our Pockets !

Earlier it was the inagural of the CWG Postal stamps, now the RBI is mulling up the plans to roll out new coins of Rs 5 and Rs 2 to commemorate the ongoing Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Both these coins will be of circular shape with a diameter of 23 millimeters and 27 millimeters respectively, this is -  CWG in our Pockets.

A total of 2,107 people were caught by traffic police over a fortnight for illegally straying into the lanes earmarked for Commonwealth Games related trafficis, 1,914 were challaned on-the-spot which helped government pocket swell by Rs 38.28 lakh since September 23 when the Games lanes became operational.This is CWG out of our Pockets (Exclusively for Delhites)

One thing that strikes in my mind so vivdly now is - CWG is for the people (Atheletes-Medals), by the people (Indian Govt/We - Tax Money) and to the people (Residents of Delhi - Challans).