21 October, 2010

Game of Experience & Expertise - 3Q Results, 2010

Nokia Swings to Profit $737.9 million months ended Sept. 30 plans Job Cuts of 1800 . On the other hand Apple,Inc. thru AT&T activated a record 5.2 million iPhones last quarter. The Competition is getting intense, a player holding expertise in AdSense & Search world is challenging the giant which holds experience in the mobile manufacturer.

Third Quarter Results - McDonald's net rises 10%, Caterpillar Inc.'s profit surged 96%, Insurer Travelers Cos net income rose 7.5% to $1.01 billion, Credit Suisse profit drops 74% to $627.8 million.

One quote that strikes me while reading these press release is – “Experience I respect and Expertise I honor.”...