15 November, 2010

e-mail address - "@facebook.com?"

There is news making rounds that facebook is planning to launch email services today, and it is reported that the company is not using their Palo Alto headquarters for the launch. Instead they are planning to hold this event at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

According to social media news blog Mashable, Facebook's current messaging system is "difficult to manage. Users are unable to send messages outside of Facebook, and the system can't handle simple things like attachments and forwarding."

TechCrunch has reported that the product may be limited at launch, while pointing to the significant potential of a service that integrates e-mail with Facebook's popular places, photos and events applications.

ZDNet adds a rumor that the service will tie in with Microsoft's Office Web Apps. Microsoft is a Facebook investor and partner.

I have decided what my user name would be for facebook email, how about you ? isn't it the time to warm those thinking tanks and have a unique username @facebook.com for yourself.......more