14 March, 2011

Lunch Buffe of Mr Buffet

At a time when Mr Buffet is planing a visit to India, he again stomped his authority in the global markets by acquiring Lubrizol in $9.7 bn deal, and in his own style all that he had to say to the CEO of Lubrizol was - "Our only instruction to James - just keep doing for us what you have done so successfully for your shareholders," there has never been change in these lines and this statements he always says it to all the CEOs who work under him.

During his visit here, he will meet with individuals that have bought insurance policies through his Indian venture Berkshireinsurance.com. wish i had taken a policy just like you who have been thinking now. I believe that post his trip we may get to see a lot of agression from the insurance players with offers which might be hard to believe, resist and polite customer service ( not sure how long it will last though) and wouldnt be suprised to hear major players coming together to build better muscle against Berkshireinsurance, So people be prepared for the best insurance plans that are yet to hit the markets exclusive for you .. Happy savings :)