03 March, 2011

Time to grow says Adidas. Earlier posts on the blog confirm my predictions !

Reading the news which was floating around, i think there seems a sense of urgency across the corporates, reason range from the expectation which we have on the reports of salary hike of which i have blogged the other day and thanks to the Budget 2011-2012.

And as predicted by me earlier : Adidas said that they plan to add 125 stores this year; launches new ad campaign.Commenting on the ten per cent service tax announced by the government on branded apparel, Adidas India Managing Director Andreas Gellneris said that they are currently evaluating the impact on both consumers and the company.  "We have not yet decided the future course of action but it will be difficult to absorb the entire burden of increase in tax rate,". so the budget is in his mind people.

They are game for us now like never before to push the burden on the Shopholics & this expansion is their first towards it :) . Last year's campaign resulted in an increase of 20-25 per cent sales at the same store level.

Mr Premji gets ready to take on Infy, Cognizant; asks employees to trust instincts...Instinct, alone ? a strong word indeed !