14 April, 2011

20 Wealth Creators & Destroyers of India

At a time when the wealth of the nation is getting eroded with the scams, there are few people who have taken up the responsibility to ensure that the nation still is wealthy, a recent article released states that Gautam Adani ,chairman of the Adani Group was the biggest wealth creator at the end of fiscal year 2011, doubling his wealth to Rs 33,211 crore by virtue of the Adanis' stakes in three listed companies...link

Here is a list of top 20 wealth creators of India...Whilst the Adanis added a little over Rs 33,000 crore last fiscal, the second highest wealth creator, Azim Premji, grew his stash by Rs 10,600 crore. Overall, they rank at No 4 in the rich list, after Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji and Sunil Mittal.

Another list of top 20 wealth destroyers of India.....The elder Ambani ended the year poorer by a few thousand crore, but topping the list of wealth destroyers was younger brother Anil. Other surprises in the list of wealth destroyers include the O P Jindal group and the Munjals of Hero Honda.
There are those who made entry into a billionaires club in India now ..list
Lots of mullah changing hands in the market, i am happy about it and i hope that these happenings are done in a way that reaffirms of stand as a corporate entity with integrity and transparency as the foundation.