06 April, 2011

No successor after Ratan Tata ?

At a time when India showcased its leadership abilites in the game of cricket i was ecstatic, but i was perplexed enough equally to hear that we are not able to find a sucessor for Ratan tata, earlier the company wanted to finalise a succesor by March this year ...are we running short of leaders? certainly not, as i read today that job offers see 22% jump at ISB with most of the offers directed into consulting i feel that the making of leaders to lead has never stopped and will never stop....Then why are we not able to find leader to replace, there not doubt about the Charisma and own unique style of Ratan tata, which none can match, but that shouldnt be a reason for us not to find a leader to lead the leading corporate house on a global scale... earlier we all heard about a rumour stating Vivek Paul was on the list to be finalised but not sure about what happened after, after all it is a $72-billion Group - A corporate diadem of India !