19 April, 2011

Profit of Rs15 for every Rs 100 generated by an employee ! thats you

Here is an answer for all those who are not aware of how worth you bring into the company you work every year.......According to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) --" Measuring Human Capital - Driving Business Results " organisations in India pay an average remuneration of Rs 4.8 lakh and earn Rs 6 lakh of profit per employee, which makes the human capital return ratio on investment to 1.79 for organisations in the country. It is quite interesting to know these figures at times when it matters the most :)

Here is an icing on the cake - It is further said that Indian companies make a pure profit of Rs 15 from every Rs 100-worth revenue generated by their each employee !!!!!!!! Hope this comes as a eye opener for each of you specially for those who are working for  Indian Companies, if this is the margin which  an Indian compant gets i dont have to answer how much the MNCs who have their opertaions in India derives.. Hope your thinking caps on by now :)