11 May, 2011

Skype - A paid service in future?

Skype may be renamed Windows Really Live (WRL) to reflect Microsoft’s branding. Windows 8 Ultimate Edition buyers will be able to make Skype (WRL) video calls to other Ultimate Edition buyers at no charge - A possible myth ! This won’t be possible at Windows 8 launch time, but will come Real Soon after launch. Honest.

Windows Phone 7 will be the last smartphone platform to get native Skype (WRL) video call support.  a ending saga !The Mac version of Skype will still be around, just several versions behind the WRL version. Mac users will end up calling it FacePlant for obvious reasons.

While these outcomes of the Microsoft purchase of Skype are in jest, there aren’t very many people who are happy about the deal including me . Skype has become a standard in the video/audio calling space, and Microsoft doesn’t have a good track record for big company acquisitions and they are know for offering no service free of cost..so i think its time to shell out some coins and may be notes too...