01 June, 2011

FB & Google Algorithm not out of, but now in my, mind !

I have been reading a lot of articles to see if there is any mention of how the FB throws up the friends on my wall post, i was successfully in undertanding the logic of Twitter but FB was getting very complicated..but not anymore, today i happened to see a video posted by a friend on FB and it explained how how they show up results ..you can watch the Video

Though the video does not show up the whole logic but it did answer a lot of my queries. Glad i am making a progress in upgrading my Social Media Expertise.. as rightly nailed - "Atleast lend what you got for free" and my friends on FB and TED presenter did that in action....Thank you ..
Facebook and Google i will still explore you to get to know the real you....Stay on Guard and Oncourse !and thanks for making the world a better place too...