02 August, 2011

Blame the Lame - Sensex in India, coutersy: US Debt

Well well the Indian stock market plumbed to 18000's  that’s a steep decline of over 200 points in a single day, i still remember the day on which the BSE touch 21000 and everyone was happy- Few became rich, Few stayed rich, Few got richer and the Richest became the Monarchs, well that is a history now as we know,  let’s talk about the reality which is staring at us 18109.89, this is just the beginning as we often tend hear - " It's just a tip of the iceberg", there is lots to follow. Here is some good news for your investors - if you want to buy stocks, grab them in the next two days, all those you always dreamt off having in your kitty

There is another interesting aspect which i would love to explore specially during this phase of decline and that is to track the views /opinions of the public on multiple social media platforms such as FB, Twitter and more, and I surely will keep you posted about the results that I collate.

The loss always looks for someone to be blamed for, who else is an better position now than the lame, I hope you know whom i am referring to and it is interesting to know that Apple Inc. has more cash than Uncle Sam's Treasury‎…

So Indian Investors please make hay and Apple Inc Stay Merry...HurrayJ