08 August, 2011

Recession or Re-session

The markets around the world are having crunchy time with the numbers being destabilized this leading to shift towards the commodities, I as laymen would certainly like to believe in for a situation which is not a recession but would be optimistic by having a thought that it was just a re -session and if i were to voice my opinion as an MBA grad i would say that it is inevitable to over look the very fact that the market is sliding down and i am still trying to figure out the comments made by the Finance minister today that the market is stable and that the fundamentals are strong, hello did I hear it right? If i get the honor to meet him in person I would ask him just one question - "Why did the gold rate rise this week?". Mr .FM & associates please talk about the reality which people can acknowledge and face it better,

I think this quote which I wrote is apt – “As a leader if you cannot fight the battle, the least you can do is prepare your soldiers to defend themselves”