23 November, 2011

6th chairman of the 143-year-old group is 43 Years old !

This is the news which we all have waiting for and today we have the answer Mistry, 43, is named as the deputy chairman of Tata Sons and will succeed Ratan Tata when he retires in December 2012.

One reason for which i believe they picked might be his AGE, apart from the Business accolades he holds - The panel of 18 members might have given a thought about not changing the leader for the next 2 to 3 decades, so that the plans formulated can sustain in for a longer time frame and results can be measured periodically and for them he aptly fits the bill.

Now the challenge or rather I would a responsibility which he has to shoulder in would be to ensure that TATA – will always be the name that India can trust, Good luck Mr Mistry .

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