03 November, 2011

Fill in the bank to the Filled in the blank - Connecting the dots !

Yes i know it has been a long wait for those who have been following my blog, yes i am very much alive and alert most of you know that i have moved in the Analytical stream in my firm in September, has been smoothening the process along with the team, Great learning ! Attained momentum  - A gain Indeed !

A Pilot role experimented for the time through me and i firmly believe that i am meeting the benchmarks :) Humbled and Honored by the Goodness of the Lord.

Have you been in those situations where you at times just go blank and other times get filled totally from being blank, yes i see you nodding your head now, that’s all a part of the learning and mind you your will never regret it i am an apt example of it..

People there is more to follow, this is just the start of  an Analyst who shifted to a higher gear Analytics (High on Horse Power), you can expect stuff coming you way..