22 November, 2011

Role and Rule

Often in our life we get to play to the tune that life gives in, sometimes you rule in a role while in others you might have to play a role under the rule you are in, be it in a family, with friends or at work we all have a role to play and not to forget that at times we have role to be under a rule and that we need to work together to attain a partiular vision.

I have been to ISB yesterday for a session, it was my dream for a very long time to get into the campus and it was accomplished, this was something like beign under a Rule where i was listening to what was said by others, and if you could remember as written in my blog earlier,  a couple of months before i was at IIM- B where i had a role to rule where others had to listen to what i had to say. 

This again reminders me that there would be times when you play a Role and also that there would be  times when you Rule