20 January, 2012

No to TATA, but yes to Gates !

I have read an interesting article ( interesting atleast for me ) which states that The West Bengal government has urged global software major Microsoft to set up a research unit in the state, i still remember those days when the govt of with utmost dedication worked their way to push nano back, and now here they are welcoming Microsoft ! i have nothing against MS or Tata, agreed that each areas have their pros and cons in terms
The point which strikes me at this point is about the human perception towards - MNC and a Indian company, somehow we are trapped into this notion that if an MNC operated in their place the revenues to the Govt will increase, and somehow take pride stating that there is an MNC in their place, but the real essence of a progress is defined more on a adaptability which a company can provide to the society which I personally feel that an India companies addresses better even if they may not shell out huge money, they are far better to utilize the little they have since they know the Living condition of the people in the country.

So to summarize, we should know that what we gain by losing at times is a big loss, contrary to our instinctive feeling which tries to convince that it is a gain .