15 February, 2012

P&G Cries Fouls over HUL = Telenor & Unitech replicate the same

In the latest print advertisement, HUL has put an offer to consumer to choose one kilogramme Rin pack with 100 gram extra powder priced at Rs 67 over, a 950 gram pack of Tide priced at Rs 80.  P&G was unhappy with that and they are sheeting a legal course and HUL is try to wash it out, lets see who wins, but must admit both the brands are getting some nice marketing eminence at-least through these things, not sure if they form a consensus before to do this just to avoid Marketing costs :P

And on the Telenor wants to drop its Indian joint-venture partner Unitech after the Indian Supreme Court revoked their mobile licenses in the country and is seeking a new local partner, the Norwegian telecoms firm said and Unitech is Unhappy same challenges like the one i wrote above for P&G and HUL, aren't you glad that there are not many JV in this space imagine the outcome for the days to come if there weere any , time for the users to customize their preferences.