05 June, 2012

Apple 1st followed by Galaxy, Kindle needs a Tablet

Apple has its roots firm by being the leader in the global market for tablet computer. Kindle is toppled down to 3rd place by Samsung Galaxy which took the second place for Q1 2012. A total of 18.2 million tablets were shipped for Q1 2012 by all these 3 players.

You might say that’s a known fact,  but my question is how relevant would it be when this stats boils down to India, not sure if Apple still holds the supremacy here, somehow i have a feeling that Samsung's Galaxy tops the chart. Let’s wait to see what an authentic market research firm has to say.
Personally i would like to see Apple being up of the tree and you might say Samsung has supremacy over the entire GALAXY. Let’s keep reading till we know the facts.

Read more about the stats at this link