15 June, 2012

Truth or FAD - Still the Journey is worth it all !

At a time when studs who finished their studies dream of getting  their dream jobs, this news may not be so welcoming , but the news as per ET is that Big brands such as ICICI Bank, Infosys, Cognizant, Deloitte and P&G hired fewer numbers this year from the 16 B-schools ET tracked in this study. Total hiring by the top 10 recruiters in the 2012 placement season dropped to 673, down from the 829 students hired by the top 10 recruiters of 2011 - a 19% drop.

Well Personally if i were a student who just graduated I really wouldn’t worry much and I would request you my friends to be so,  and we should be firm believers of that fact that expertise would never lack platforms to prove their worth and if there aren’t any they will be created by the skills we possess.. So rest assured stay rocked in Peace for the Journey ahead is worth it all !