27 August, 2012

3.2 Billion Likes And Comments Per Day - Facebook - Social Media

This article surely makes us think about the volume of data which we generate on Social media everyday, can you beat this for stats and mind you here i am just talking about the FB alone .

  • Facebook posted a 67 percent year-over-year mobile growth rate (543 million monthly active users on mobile).
  • The 6:35 per month spent on Facebook is nearly double the time (3:20) spent on Google.
  • 58 percent of users return to the site daily.
  • Facebook has 90 percent narrow campaign accuracy, compared with 35 percent on the rest of the Web.
  • In an analysis of more than 60 Facebook marketing campaigns, 49 percent reported areturn on investment of more than five times, while 70 percent had a return on investment greater than three times.
Imagine what it would be when we stack this up with all the other Social Media platforms !