11 September, 2012

B-schools triple to almost 4,000 over the last 5 Years India

When I read this article I was zapped.. You got be kidding 4000 Bschools.. with so many of these where we can be? And where we are now is something which is mind baffling. 

Why this manifold Increase? "People who had some land and money saw a great investment opportunity in the demand-supply gap and there was a rush to open schools," said Dhiraj Mathur, executive director at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
And talking about the stats -KPMG pegs this industry at nearly $50 billion and projects it to reach $115 billion by 2018. But growth rates are not uniform across the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. "A third of all management colleges are struggling," said Narayanan Ramaswamy, a partner at KPMG.

Imagine if 20 % of these Bschools were true to what they penned as their "Vision", they would have not been so few companies in India (Owned or Managed).

On an Optimistic note - The day Bschools tilt the Focus of students from Salary to Sharpening skills we will not be far from being a Developed nation!