28 January, 2013

#Innovative - #Google, #Apple or #Facebook ?

There is such intense competition in the market that the companies are now looking forward to take their innovation to another level, am I taking about the product innovation? You wish I did, but I am talking about the place at which they build and develop their products.
  • Google announced plans for a £1bn London office in King’s Cross.
  • Apple has commissioned Lord Foster to design a huge headquarters in California.
  • Facebook is working on plans for its new HQ with the architect of the Bilbao Guggenheim, Frank Gehry.
There are rounds around that Apple has envisioned the best plan among the three so far, you can read the complete article here and it is provisionally due to open in 2016. I hope the peers are planning architect marvels which might be unique to their belief and culture which also at the same time would not comprise in sharing their innovative quotient with the market as a "PLACE".