13 February, 2013

Apple and Google - Target to Travel

Times certainly have changed, and Google can vouch for that. According to a report from Morgan Stanley, Google could pay more than $1 billion in 2014 to remain the default search engine on iOS. In 2009, Google paid only $82 million for the privilege.

The Journey which these two have been through so far has been quite adventurous,thanks to the android OS and Samsung smartphones which made this possible.

Google’s logic is simple, irrespective of acquiring or partnering they want to travel through any means across and within as a Target if a need be so to pay (in billions) and not surprisingly Apple agreed to have them on their iOS in the past and wouldn’t be surprised to see them they do so this year too even after having a pile 140 billion stacked up.

Microsoft is it only wishing to be their search engine or are they doing something about it? Let’s hope they have some plans in place