22 August, 2013

Zeus - The (F)actor behind the Likes on Social Media

Hackers are using the Zeus virus to create bogus ‘likes' and followers that purport to come from users of #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram, and other #social media sites. The scheme is aimed at making products appear more popular.

Fake ‘likes’ are sold in batches of 1,000 on internet hacker forums. One thousand fake Instagram followers will cost just US$15, while 1,000 ‘likes’ will go for $30. In comparison, 1,000 #credit card numbers from a stolen PC cost as little as $6.  What’s the price to curb these?

No wonder #GM pulled out of #Social media marketing. What about the Likes/Followers which the politicians have? Well, timing is the essence; all the answers will be slowly rolled out.