29 October, 2013

Romantic Insights From Maps of Facebook Networks

"The shape of a person’s social network is a powerful signal that can identify one’s spouse or romantic partner — and even if a relationship is likely to break up." as told by Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell University, and Lars Backstrom, a senior engineer at Facebook.

The pair used a hefty data set from Facebook as their lab: 1.3 million Facebook users, selected randomly from among all users who are at least 20 years old, with from 50 to 2,000 friends, who list a spouse or relationship partner in their profile. That makes for a lot of social connections to analyze, roughly 379 million nodes and 8.6 billion links. The data was used anonymously.

"Nice to have relationships confirmed with lots of data and algorithms",  so will this service be launched in market the coming days for partners to confirm their relationship, just saying ;)

Read more about in the article published in NY Times.

06 October, 2013

Somersaulting and Self-assembling robots from MIT

They said it couldn’t be done. But it has! MIT researchers recently managed to create self-assembling modular robots. The researchers even released a video demonstrating their success.

The self-assemblage is very basic, but still quite astonishing to behold. How exactly is it done? Well, the robots, called M-blocks, each contain what is called a flywheel that can reach speeds of 20,000 revolutions per minute. By comparison, a jet engine piston turns at 2,000-3,000 revolutions per minute, while a nuclear centrifuge reaches speeds of 90,000 rpm or faster. When the flywheel breaks, its angular momentum is transferred to the cube. Each cube’s edge is equipped with a specialized magnet. All of this works to create the self-assembling modularity of the M-blocks, allowing them to climb, leap, fly through the air and align in a variety of arrangements.

Ultimately, the researchers want to create swarms of self-assembling robots for a variety of applications, such as building temporary bridges or creating scaffolding systems for construction projects. Need a robotic chest for all your goodies? Well, maybe it won’t be a problem in the future with these robots. This is the Future and with certainty I can say that this Will Blow Your Mind.