21 March, 2014

Twitter ditching the @ and # symbols not because Turkey threatened them but

A lot of people don’t understand what they mean or how to use them. The "@" symbol may soon become extinct on Twitter.But in terms of attracting those ordinary people, Twitter is currently dead in the water: The service added only 1 million users in the U.S. last quarter, bringing its American audience to 54 million.
Twitter had 241 million users worldwide in Q4 2013, adding only 9 million in total from the prior period.Worse, up to 1 billion people have tried Twitter and then stopped using it, according to a company that tracks Twitter statistics.
Costolo was hammered by analysts on that call wanting to know whether the company had a grip on its flagging user stats. Costolo told them he was running several experiments on Twitter to make the service simpler and easier for new users to get on board.

He explained that Twitter was aware that new users had difficulty figuring out the best ways to use Twitter, and the company was working on making it easier so that they "get it" instantly: "It's not just 'get it' in the first weeks or months on Twitter, it's 'get it' on the first day on Twitter ... so that's a focus."

I would be tweeting about this with @ ;) Hope this helps get the clicks on their tweet button.

11 March, 2014

Mark eting is Alive

Marketing is all the more fun when you get to visit the university from where graduate not as an alumni but as a company representative. 

Happy to have meet my professors, leadership of the University and the students whose energy levels are so contagious any day