09 June, 2014

Air Asia - May your Fare well in India

Airlines have been among the first to bell the cat by putting unexpected, if financially justified, price tags, such as debutant AirAsia's move to charge for check-in baggage. This has been freebie that even low-cost airlines have merely diminished rather than demolished in India so far, and the crucial question is whether the average multi-suitcased Indian traveller will like being typecast as a freeloader, well in a matter of time we would know, on an optimistic note hoping it works

Here is an overview of the model through which they will be operating in India, and in an interview with ET AirAsia CEO shared few things which are a surprise to me such as "We prefer a low season. Many people prefer peak season. But we would like to think and act differently." 

Wishing the very best as they set themselves to bring about the change. Good Luck!