29 September, 2014

9 Reasons Why The Apple Watch Is Going To Make Billions Of Dollars For Apple.

After more than two years of rumours, Apple has finally launched the iWatch Apple Watch and to say it is an incredible product is an understatement. The build up to the iWatch was not as significant as the build up was to the iPhone and iPad… but hey, it’s a watch we are talking about here! Who would want to get excited about a watch, right? Right? Wrong. As it turns out, Apple has proved yet again why the company is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Apple has proved yet again why the words genius, innovation, extraordinary can so easily be attributed to the company.

The Apple Watch, Apple says, is the most personal device Apple has ever created, and that is what it looks like. There have been smartwatches in the market, but like Apple has had a knack of making their products stand out, the Apple Watch truly stands out from its competition.

Will Apple Watch carve out a market and go on to become a cash cow for Apple? You bet, it will. Here are a few reasons why.

#1. The Digital Crown

So while everyone thought Apple would be putting buttons and what not in the watch, like everyone has been doing it with smartwatches, Apple took the traditional route. They let the crown of the watch stay where it is, and put it on steroids. The Digital Crown, thus, acts as a home button, and a user input device for scrolling up and down, and for zooming in and out. Why? Because pinch-to-zoom would be against all the user experience rules on a screen that small. So will be scrolling.

#2. Intelligence

The Apple Watch comes loaded with sensors, including an Accelerometer and a Heart Rate Sensor. These sensors help Apple Watch track your health & fitness – an area on which this device banks a lot – and your activity. Every time you lift your hand, the Apple Watch would automatically activate; every time you rest your hand, the watch would move on standby. The Watch can use your iPhone’s GPS to track how much you’re walking, and running, and standing, and give you feedback about your usual activities and your extensive workouts. It can also calculate the calories you burn during a workout.

#3. Level of personalisation

The Apple Watch will come in three different variants – the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Each of these offer different type of Watches, built with different materials – ranging from Stainless Steel to 18 Carat Gold (yes!) and innumerable strap options. The Apple Watch also makes it convenient for users to easily change their straps, without worrying about the device’s durability.

Besides the hardware customisations, the Apple Watch provides tons of options to customise the Watch face, and the amount of details you want to see. You can simply opt to see a timepiece, but you can also see stocks, and pictures, and emojis, and the actual position of the solar system, and moon phases, and what not!

#4. Taptic feedback

The Apple Watch is built with a taptic engine that will provide taptic feedback to the user everytime a notification pops up. This will be in form of a subtle tap that the user will feel – not a vibration, but a taptic tap. No doubt, everyone in the smartwatch industry will want to incorporate this feature given its utility.

#5. Wireless charging

Apple Watch will charge wirelessly. The charger uses Apple’s MagSafe technology and magnets. The charger’s block would snap right to the back of the watch when brought in vicinity allowing for direct, wireless charging.

#6. Seamlessness with the iPhone

The Apple Watch will not work unless you have an iPhone. Which is kind of sad and weird, but then, if you do have an iPhone – the Apple Watch will come in quite handy for everything that you do. The Watch seamlessly connects to the phone and allows for lightweight interaction including making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, receiving notifications, etc. It can also be used as a remote shutter and viewfinder for your iPhone camera!

#7. Feature tchotchkes

Apple has put together some really interesting features that may or may not be useful, but they sure as hell will attract the consumers to buy the product. Things like sharing your actual heartbeat with another Apple Watch user, and sending drawings & sketches with taptic feedback. Apple has also packed in an intelligent engine that checks your messages and suggests possible replies; and interactive emojis that you can customise the way you want to — so while the Apple Watch has no keyboard, these features can come in handy to perform lightweight interactions. There is also a built-in Walkie Talkie feature allowing you to converse on the go with other Apple Watch users.

#8. Health & fitness features

With Apple positioning the Apple Watch as a great Health & Fitness product, they have got almost everything spot on in this area. While the Watch is an incredibly useful tool for everyday people like you & I to track our activity and workouts, it is also a great tool for athletes and fitness freaks. The magic is within Apple’s sensors, and the extremely candy user interface Apple has put together for the Watch. Add to that the Health App in the iPhone, and you have a perfect setup that will make you want to do some exercise everyday.

#9. Ability to extend

The Apple Watch is an incredible platform for developers to develop new apps & features. Imagine the kind of things we can do with an all-new platform, an all-new user interface. No wonder hundreds of thousands of developers are waiting to be able to build something great for this little device.

The Apple Watch will be available sometime in early 2015, with a starting price of $349. We still don’t know what kind of configurations and options Apple will be offering, and what the exact pricing will be for every model.

Surprisingly, Apple did not talk about the Watch’s battery life, but at some point during the keynote, Tim Cook said it would last an entire day.

Making the Apple Watch restricted to iPhone users can be questionable, but then again there are 20 crore iPhone 5 and above users (not counting the iPhone 6 users that shall be added soon) who can use the Apple Watch today, so.. well played, Apple.

What do you think, are any other pointers which you would like to share apart from these?