08 September, 2014

Revolutionizing Education through Comics – the Octofeb story

Octofeb spreads educational concepts through visual narratives and storytelling through comic characters. 

Murari says, “After 3 years at Chennai CTS, I got an opportunity to go to the US (to work at my client location). I was in the abroad for 3 years and  was exposed to different things there. Soon I started comparing US and India. I was trying to understand the difference in growth, culture etc. and I felt there was a flaw (rote learning) in our education system and most of the problems that we Indians face was because of the anomalies in the education system. So I wanted to do something about it.

Then I thought of intersecting the idea of story writing and education, which in other way, “Education through comics”. I believe in the power of visual communication so I thought I should use visual communication or rather Comics as a tool to solve the problem of rote learning. I personally feel the Indian education system doesn’t allow students to think and apply. I believe this problem could be solved by my idea. But the challenge was I didn’t know to how to write stories and draw. So I asked few of my friends to help to draw and write. “

You can read more about the interview at this link