13 September, 2014

What is Good Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the key to success!
You may have the best products; you may be the best at what you do…
… But if no one knows who you are, you will also be the best at loosing out!

  1. Branding Keeps You Current in Your Chosen Field – create lasting impressions on new clients, develop a memorable message and control peoples initial perception.
  2. Become an Expert in Your Field - let people know who you are, what you do and just how good you are at doing it!  Give your self some recognition, if you don’t, no one else will!
  3. Become a Benefit – communicate your unique selling point, give a reason why you are a good investment, why should your customers go to you and not the man down the road.
  4. Keep Brand Consistency - make sure your brand stands out, your branding should be clear and simple and most of all consistent!
  5. Build Trust and Recognition – engage with your clients, build a relationship, become a trust worthily brand.  That way they will never forget you and come knocking on your door when they need your services.
  6. Be Memorable - a brand that is easier to remember is easier to find.  You will have a much better chance with potential clients if you can succeed in drawing attention and sticking in their minds.