21 November, 2014

5 critical Do’s and Don’ts of trademarks

In the present day and age, the importance of intellectual property is increasing exponentially and therefore the right steps towards choosing and registering your trademark is an essential action for the future of your business. Registering you trademark is like indicating to everyone that this specific logo, symbol, word, name or design is exclusively used for the goods or services provided by your business. This legal right is especially vital in cases where another business may later infringe on your rights. A few specific aspects must be kept in mind before choosing the right trademark, such as the factors below.

#1 Run a Clearance Search
#2 Be smart in choosing the right trademark
#3 Registering your trademark at the earliest is a good idea
#4 Appropriate usage of the trademark for enforceability
#5 Keep your future growth and expansion in mind

A detailed explaination for each of these can be found in this article at Yourstory