29 December, 2014

Marketers in India spend more on print than on television

Marketers in India are spending more on print than on television, according to the latest FICCI-KPMG India Media and Entertainment Report 2014. Advertising spend on print was higher in 2013 as well, and according to the report, print will remain ahead of television at least till 2018.

n 2013, the total advertising spend across media was Rs 36,250 crore — of which print had the largest share at Rs 16,260 crore followed by television at Rs 13,590 crore. In 2014, the report projects that of the total Rs 41,000 crore advertising spend, print will garner advertising worth Rs 17,900 crore. 2014 has been good for the print medium, because of the spend arising out of the Lok Sabha elections, the FIFA Football World Cup and of e-commerce companies, which has been print heavy in their advertising. The rise in the medium's growth could also be attributed to growth in vernacular print publications across the country. Further, government departments and retail players will continue to increase spending in print, the report says.

The KPMG report, however, suggests that print will be ahead of TV and other mediums even in 2018 when it predicts total advertising spends in the industry to grow to Rs 69,380 crore. Of this, print's share will be Rs 27,500 crore while that of television will be Rs 25,300 crore.

24 December, 2014

Big Data Top Trends in 2015

Big Data has seen a huge leap forward in 2014 regarding how it has been represented and used across companies. The adoption rates have grown and the importance of Big Data as a business function has increased, but what are we going to see in 2015? 

In-Memory Databases 

As the use of data has increased in the past year, the speed at which results are needed has grown with it. When this hasn’t been the case, people want to be more informed than before or have the ability to make decisions in real time, rather than through the use of reports reporting on historical data. 

In-Memory databases allow companies the freedom to access, analyze and take actions based on data much quicker than regular databases. This in turn means that either decisions can be made quicker as data can be analyzed faster or more informed as more data can be analyzed in the same amount of time. 

Non-Data Scientists 

As we as a society have become data driven, one of the main aspects that has become clear is that finding the necessary talent has become difficult. This means that companies are often reliant on either too few staff or outsourced consultants. 

Therefore, 2015 is likely to see more automated platforms that can allow employees who may not have as much skill with data as others, to collect, analyze and make decisions based on this data. This could be anything from simple to use interfaces with more complex backends or simpler tasks that could create business results. 

More Sensor Driven Data 

The internet of things is evolving and more companies are using it, but it may well hit its tipping point in 2015. This would be sensor-to-sensor data being collected, collated and analyzed through purely sensor based collection. This can be done in multiple ways from the way that objects are interacting with another object, to the settings that people are using on particular devices. 

Sensor based data is unlikely to out perform transactional data (which currently makes up the majority of data collection) but is still likely to see a marked increase. It is likely that we are going to see more device-to-device data being created and collected in 2015, which could see this number grow beyond transactional data within the next 5 years. 

Deeper Customer Insight 

Despite the fact that transactional data is still more numerous that sensor data, 2015 may be the year that we see it being truly looked at in multi-dimensional ways to create even deeper customer insight. 

This could be anything from geographical data to a deeper understanding of purchasing trends according to different, oblique factors. With new technology allowing metrics to be tracked across even more areas and wearables creating even more possible trackable actions, deeper customer understanding is inevitable. 

HR Analytics 

Once thought of as the definition of making your employees ‘just a number’, HR Analytics are being shown to have significant benefits to both the company and its employees. We believe that 2015 is going to see more companies wake up to the positives that an effective HR strategy can bring. 

From optimizing workflow to tracking overall employee happiness, we are likely to see an increased use of HR analytics in 2015 as those who have adopted it within the last couple of years will be gaining ground on their competitors and those who don’t have it will need to catch up. 

No Ownership In Just One Department 

Data will become a commodity that is not just kept in one department alone and used purely by senior company leaders. 2015 is likely to see a democratization of data throughout the organization, meaning that more departments will become adept at using the insight that it can bring. 

Rather than working towards a central strategy that is created by senior management, day-to-day activities will be based on data and the insights created from it. 

23 December, 2014

The 'Apple Of China' Raises Over $1 Billion, Valuation Skyrockets To More Than $45 Billion

Xiaomi has reportedly raised more than $1 billion in its latest round of funding, which brings the valuation of China's biggest smartphone maker to more than $45 billion.

The funding round - led by All-Stars Investment, a fund run by former Morgan Stanley analyst Richard Ji - is expected to close early this week.

At $45 billion, Xiaomi would be more valuable than most other Silicon Valley technology startups, including Uber, which just closed a funding round that values the ridesharing startup at $41 billion.

Xiaomi has made a name for itself in emerging markets thanks to its phones that are highly similar to Apple's high-end devices, but sold at extremely low prices. The company shipped 18 million handsets in the last quarter - a whopping year-over-year growth of 239% during that period. It's currently the fourth-biggest smartphone maker in the world, and the biggest in China.

22 December, 2014

Uber has applied for at least 24 patents globally

People love Uber because it's convenient. You tap a couple buttons on your phone and a car comes and picks you up.If there's one customer complaint about the company, though, it's probably surge pricing, when the company drives up fare prices during times of high demand.

Uber's surge pricing feature is great for the company's business, since Uber keeps a fixed percent of fares. When Uber's surge price multiplier kicks in, Uber makes more money. It's come under criticism by customers in the past; Uber instituted surge pricing during Hurricane Sandy and customers accused the company of unfairly profiting from the natural disaster. As a result, Uber later said it would restrict surge pricing during emergencies. 

But Uber says the goal is to make sure the supply of drivers will catch up with the number of rides being requested. 

"By *raising* the price you *increase* the number of cars on the road and maximize the number of safe convenient rides," Uber explains in a blog post on surge pricing. "Nobody is required to take an Uber, but having a reliable option is what we're shooting for."

Soon, Uber's surge pricing could be Uber's alone.

Uber has applied for at least 24 patents globally. Among them was a patent for "dynamically adjusting prices for service" on mobile devices. That sounds a lot like surge pricing. That patent is still pending.

Ten of the 13 patents Uber's filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have been denied for being too obvious or other reasons. But Uber continues to push for patents.

If the patents are granted and upheld, Uber could theoretically extract license fees from competitors who do the same thing, like Lyft (which calls its surge pricing "Prime Time"), or force them to adopt different tactics.

Apple Raised Over $20 Million For AIDS Research By Covering The App Store In Red

If you visited Apple's App Store in November, you might have been confused as to why everything seemed to be drenched in the color red.

Apple teamed up with 25 developers to give their apps a red makeover for its Project Red holiday campaign, which ended up raising over $20 million for AIDS research.

Apps like Angry Birds and Farmville 2, some of which offered exclusive content, donated all proceeds to the Project Red campaign, and Apple also donated a portion of its sales from online and retail stores during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In an email to employees obtained by Recode, Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated employees on the $20 million raised for AIDS research and Project Red, the charity co-founded by U2 frontman Bono that Apple has been closely involved with in the past:

In an email to employees obtained by Recode, Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated employees on the $20 million raised for AIDS research and Project Red, the charity co-founded by U2 frontman Bono that Apple has been closely involved with in the past:

"I'm thrilled to announce that our total donation for this quarter will be more than $20 million - our biggest ever - bringing the total amount Apple has raised for (PRODUCT) RED to over $100 million. The money we've raised is saving lives and bringing hope to people in need. It's a cause we can all be proud to support."

18 December, 2014

It takes only 300 tweets to know one's personality 

Being aware of how the social media works is not as easy as it sounds. It is more like building your personal brand strategy which involves balancing between giving too much information or giving too little information. 

The idea is to make yourself socially visible to the influencers or recruiters of your dream job. To do this, you will need to find out which social communities do these influencers interact in. By engaging with this community in meaningful ways, you will create a presence and visibility for yourself, as an expert. 

so how many tweets have you got? less than 300 hundred or more than that.

Here is the article published in Economic Times

16 December, 2014

Infographic: Who Are Product Managers?

So who is a product manager? This might sound like a simple question but in real sense, there is always confusion about the role of a product manager. Some organizations use the following words to refer to product managers – program manager, market planner, product planner, practice manager, product editor and/or product marketing.

Do you want to learn more about this? check out the following inforgaphic

13 December, 2014

10 data science predictions for 2015

These predictions were published by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA). They produced a nice infographics, featured below.

Here are IIA's predictions for 2015, in plain text:

  1. Organizations will clarify CAO and CDO roles and how they fit into their overall staffing structure.
  2. Storytelling will be the hot new job in analytics.
  3. Ensemble methods for analytical models will grow in popularity.
  4. The application of analytics for holistic and integrated security breach prevention will be a top priority.
  5. We will see the emergence of "The Analytics of Things."
  6. Companies will double their investment in generating new and unique data.
  7. Hadoop will go mainstream.
  8. Privacy demands will spark tools and services that allow consumers to determine if and how their data is shared and at what price.
  9. Analytics, machine learning, and cognitive computing will increasingly take over the jobs of knowledge workers.
  10. Automated decision-making will come of age in 2015.

12 December, 2014

Google Announces The Top Apps, Movies, Music Of 2014

Most Downloaded Apps by Category in 2014

Education: Duolingo
Health & Fitness: MyFitnessPal
Music: Pandora
Social: Facebook
Entertainment: Netflix
Sports:NFL Mobile
Travel: TripAdvisor

The Year’s Fastest Growing App Category
Health & Fitness

Top Downloaded Games in 2014
Candy Crush Saga
Don’t Tap The White Tile
Farm Heroes Saga
Subway Surfers
Clash of Clans

Feature: Achievements
Play Games users unlocked 3.5 billion achievements this year

Movie of the year: Frozen
TV show of the year: The Walking Dead
Comeback Movie: Toy Story
Most searched actor on Google Play: Robin Williams

Album of the Year: Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song of the Year: Dark Horse by Katy Perry
Song of the Summer: Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Fastest Growing Genre: Soundtracks (fueled by Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Despicable Me 2, The Lego Movie and The Great Gatsby soundtracks)

News Sources of the Year:
The New York Times
Forbes Now
The Verge
The Huffington Post
The Daily Beast
The Wall Street Journal
Android Central

Some of the most read articles of 2014:
Flavorpill – 15 ’90s Teen Heartthrobs Who’ve Resurfaced on TV
Mental Floss – 50 More Awesome Facts (About Everything)
MarketWatch – 10 most miserable cities in America
Houzz – Bathroom Workbook: How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?
The Verge – The Verge Awards: the best of CES 2014

Books of the Year:
The Fault in Our Stars
Fifty Shades of Grey
Twelve Years a Slave

11 December, 2014

What Social media had to say about Uber ban in India

When the rape of a passenger by an Uber taxi driver came to light on Saturday, social media users raged against the taxi hailing company's 'reckless' expansion that led to lax security checks. 

Tinu Cherian, who has over 150,000 followers on Twitter tweeted: "Uber suspended in Delhi halting 6,000+ jobs. Delhi Police DCP had issued character certificate to driver. By that logic Delhi Police must be banned." 

In the first 24 hours, the issue got more than 15,000 mentions and started trending on Twitter. It was a hot topic on Facebook and various forums, shows a quick social media analysis by Simplify360, a social media analytics company. 

"Social media has escalated the issue to the highest level, now it's time for authorities to bring the real culprit forward and do justice," said Bhupendra Khanal, CEO of Simplify360. Many users termed the official response as "knee jerk reaction". 

Karthik Srinivasan, National Lead- Social, Ogilvy said: "Not actively engaging on social media, to questions being posed, may actually be a better strategy because the sheer number of questions that could come up may not be easy to handle at all." 

There are various angles in which this whole thing can be looked at, to name a few: 

1) Uber should have done proper due deligence before handing their tag to th e driver, and should have sacled wth discipline
2) Police should have throughly checked in the credentials agaon before issuing the character certificate.
3) The most important of it all - How many of those who posted about this have actually used Uber ;)

A better approach would be to plug systemic deficiencies to ensure that they remained in step with technological developments. 

10 December, 2014

YouTube now tells you what happens when you upload copyrighted music

For a number of years now, YouTube has used its Content ID service to automatically scan for copyrighted tracks and remove them.Sometimes, it’s unclear why a video is taken down or muted, though, so YouTube will now warns creators about will happen if they upload a video with a copyrighted song.

For example, if you wanted to upload a video featuring Charli XCX’s song “Boom Clap,” YouTube will warn you that it will show ads for the artist on your video, where it will be viewable and that copyright holders can ask for it to be removed anytime.

Would  be interesting to see the  how it will impact their ad revenue as there are talking this step which would certainly be much welcomed by artists

09 December, 2014

Facebook finally brings Graph Search to mobile, now lets you look up any post

Facebook’s Graph Search tool introduced in early 2013 brought along some notable abilities, allowing you to input queries like “Photos of me after 2012″ or “Friends who work at The Next Web.”

The company is now significantly upgrading the tool. As of today, you can finally use all those specific queries right on your phone.

Just as notable, Facebook is also now allowing you to look up any specific post. The company says this was the most requested feature for Graph Search, so now you can easily pull up an old video you just remembered or that article you’d been meaning to read for a long time.

To look up a post, simply type in some keywords that appear in it; Facebook uses”Caroline wedding” and “Ice bucket challenge” as examples. It’s essentially the same as a Google query, except in this case you’re searching through a database of posts made by you and and your friends.

Graph Search has certainly long been useful for power-users, but the introduction of these two new abilities should make it much more relevant for the average Facebooker.

The changes are rolling out this week for the iPhone and desktop versions of Facebook. The company isn’t offering a specific time for when they will be available on the Android or web versions of the social network, but says it intends to look for user feedback on the iPhone and desktop iterations before bringing the upgraded Graph Search to other platforms.

Opportunity Cost of Gangnam Style

What humanity could achieve if it weren’t galloping in front of computer screens? In the 16,000 years of time spent watching G Style, we could have built 20 Empire State buildings, four Great Pyramids of Giza and... see below.

The flaw in this analysis of course is that it assumes if we did not watch G Style that we would have done something productive. Big flaw!

But fun to think about how much time this represents. And because 2 billion views is not enough, here's Gangnam Style one more time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

06 December, 2014

New Technique Allows Researchers To Extract Audio From Silent Video

By looking at the minute vibrations in high speed video, researchers at the Department of Engineering of the Catholic University of America have created a method for extracting sound data from high-speed silent video footage.

While this wouldn’t work for, say, extracting sound from old silent film, the res
earchers say they could extract conversations from vibrations at a “far distance,” a prospect that is at once fascinating and a bit scary.

The paper, “Audio extraction from silent high-speed video using an optical technique,” appeared in the journal Optical Engineering.

This technique is not new – MIT researchers were able to read sound from a stray potato chip bag – but this method uses a simpler image matching system to sense audio.

05 December, 2014

Activia, Samsung and Nike the most shared social video brands of 2014

Activia is the most shared social video brand of 2014, research from Unruly has found.

The brand’s La La La (Brazil 2014) World Cup ad starring Shakira helped Activia win this, with the ad seeing over 5.8m shares worldwide.Activia was followed by last year’s winner Samsung, who has racked up 4.3m video shares, and sports giant Nike (3.8 m) in third.Each of the top three had launched a video to tie in with the World Cup.

They were followed by Coca-Cola, the NBA, Budweiser, Go-Pro, Adidas, Pepsi and EA.

Sequoia, Nexus Invest In Location Based Food Ordering App TinyOwl

Map based food ordering app TinyOwl, has raised $3 Mn from Sequoia Capital India and Nexus Venture Partners to deepen it presence in home market Mumbai and also diversify into other geographies.

Founded in March by IITians including Harshvardhan Mandad and Gaurav Choudhary, TinyOwl serves as a portal for ordering food in your locality. With close to 3500 restaurants on its list, the startup competes with the likes of Foodpanda, Tastykhana.

Currently available on android and iOS, the app facilitates payments through credit cards or cash-ondelivery.
The online food ordering and delivery space has been seeing active investor interest and also consolidation to have a larger pie of the market.

Recent deals in the space.

FoodPanda had acquired Pune based, TastyKhana from its peer, Delivery Hero.
Foodys.in, a delivery startup in the city of Hyderabad was seeking to raise $4-5 Mn (c.INR 250-300 Mn) in its first external fund raise.
AntFarm, a platform which creates and incubates businesses has added another firm - Meals On Wheels, an online food delivery venture, to its portfolio

Gangnam Style music video 'broke' YouTube view limit

YouTube said the video - its most watched ever - has been viewed more than 2,147,483,647 times.It has now changed the maximum view limit to 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, or more than nine quintillion.Gangnam Style became a worldwide hit when it was released in 2012, largely due to the surreal video.

How do you say 9,223,372,036,854,775,808?

Nine quintillion, two hundred and twenty-three quadrillion, three hundred and seventy-two trillion, thirty-six billion, eight hundred and fifty-four million, seven hundred and seventy-five thousand, eight hundred and eight.
YouTube's counter previously used a 32-bit integer, which is a unit used to represent data in computer architecture. This means the maximum possible views it could count was 2,147,483,647.On 1 December, it posted a statement saying: "We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer... but that was before we met Psy."

Google, which owns YouTube, later told website The Verge that engineers "saw this coming a couple months ago and updated our systems to prepare for it". YouTube now uses a 64-bit integer for its video counter, which means videos have a maximum viewer count of 9.22 quintillion.Psy has yet to comment although news of YouTube's change was posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

The second most-watched video on YouTube - Baby by Justin Bieber - lags behind Gangnam Style by more than a billion views.

02 December, 2014

InMobi raises $5 million from SoftBank

Mobile ad network InMobi has raised $5 million (Rs 31 crore) from its high-profile investor SoftBank, with the Japanese company promising another $25 million if new investors come on board.The focus for the Bangalore-based company is to become profitable to attract new investors, as it also aims to make an initial public offering in the next two years. 

The seven-year-old company, which started as mobile-search engine mKhoj, now has an outreach to 872 million unique devices around the world. Earlier InMobi had raised $15.1 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Ram Shriram's Sherpalo Ventures in two rounds in 2008 and 2010. SoftBank followed that up with a $200 million round in 2011.

Over the last three years, the company has evolved to better target its ads in different formats such as banner, video and native. Over the past few months it has also rolled out a slew of products aimed at engaging deeply with developers and advertisers alike. 

I believe this funding is not much, but having a brand such as Softbank affiliated surely helps them gain prominence across markets not to forget the valuation. Good luck InMobi

Twitter Experiments With Engagement Stats Directly In Tweets

Want to know just how many people actually care about what you’re tweeting? A new Twitter experiment spotted by ex-Twitter platform head Ryan Sarver will show many you how users are clicking on the links in the updates you post, with a handy link directly in the expanded Tweet view in the iOS application. As usual with Twitter’s features, this is limited to a small sample pool of users at first, but could roll out more widely if deemed successful.

At the bottom of the tweet view, for those with this feature enabled, you’ll see a “View Analytics Details” link, which takes you directly to a synopsis of the overall interaction with said tweet, including overall impressions, and “engagements,” which includes how many people actually clicked on a link you shared, how many expanded the tweet and more.

The quick glimpse at how your tweet is faring seems like something that would be very useful for brands and others who thrive on social media success – but the question is whether they might reveal a little more than Twitter is comfortable sharing with a general audience. The feature is out-of-the-way enough that it will probably go unnoticed or unused by most who don’t care about that kind of thing, however.

Quick access to analytics without having to resort to an external dashboard is actually incredibly handy, but again, these tests don’t necessarily always bear fruit in terms of broad feature launches, so don’t hold your breath if you’re not already in this particular test bucket.

01 December, 2014

Google Glass to get Intel inside, says WSJ report

Google Glass will get an Intel-powered overhaul in its next generation, according to The Wall Street Journal. The report says Google Glass with Intel inside will arrive in 2015.

The WSJ’s sources says an Intel chip will replace the Texas Instruments processor which currently powers Glass. The purported deal between Google and Intel is said to be part of a wider push into wearables by the chip maker.

Intel has previously revealed its own MICA wristband, targeted at the female market, as well as plans for a smartwatch with Fossil and a smart bracelet collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

The new report doesn’t include any technical details on how Intel might contribute to the next generation Google Glass hardware but says the company plans to help push uptake of the device in medicine and manufacturing.

It remains to be seen whether getting Intel involved will help Google to turn Glass into a true consumer product or whether it even wants to achieve that. We’ll have to wait until next year to see if this rumor comes to pass.