29 December, 2014

Marketers in India spend more on print than on television

Marketers in India are spending more on print than on television, according to the latest FICCI-KPMG India Media and Entertainment Report 2014. Advertising spend on print was higher in 2013 as well, and according to the report, print will remain ahead of television at least till 2018.

n 2013, the total advertising spend across media was Rs 36,250 crore — of which print had the largest share at Rs 16,260 crore followed by television at Rs 13,590 crore. In 2014, the report projects that of the total Rs 41,000 crore advertising spend, print will garner advertising worth Rs 17,900 crore. 2014 has been good for the print medium, because of the spend arising out of the Lok Sabha elections, the FIFA Football World Cup and of e-commerce companies, which has been print heavy in their advertising. The rise in the medium's growth could also be attributed to growth in vernacular print publications across the country. Further, government departments and retail players will continue to increase spending in print, the report says.

The KPMG report, however, suggests that print will be ahead of TV and other mediums even in 2018 when it predicts total advertising spends in the industry to grow to Rs 69,380 crore. Of this, print's share will be Rs 27,500 crore while that of television will be Rs 25,300 crore.