26 March, 2015

How Long Does It Take To Make An App?

Developing an app can be a lengthy process, but if you use AppMakr it doesn’t have to take any longer than necessary.

When you ask a developer the question, “How long will it take to build a mobile app?” you’ll most likely get is a vague response of, “It depends…” because it depends on many, many things, some of which they won’t even be able to start listing until they have an idea of what type of app it is.

Until you know exactly what type (and quality) of app you are trying to build, it’s impossible to accurately estimate how long it will take.

According to crispycodes’ infographic, which is based on a survey of 100 iOS, Android and HTML5 developers, 18 weeks is the average time it takes them to get their app to market. This does not include the time spent researching the market and coming up with an idea and/or problem to be solved by your app. And if you’ve never done it before you can probably look forward to some hiccups along the way, whether they’re problems with your outsourced developer or the learning curve you need to go through to build it yourself.


Things that affect the duration of your app’s development include the number and complexity of its features, the number of users you need to cater for, the number of platforms you want to support as well as the availability of your contracted developer’s time and yours.

The infographic shows that steps taking the most time in developing an app from scratch are all to do with backend development: at an average of 13 days each, the lengthiest aspects are data storage, user management, and data integration. The entire backend process is 10 weeks long. Frontend development is an 8 week process mostly concerned with developing the user interface (UI).

Time Is Money

Keep in mind the apps these developers are creating are most likely quite complex: not your average calculator app! An app like Twitterific, not an advanced app by most standards, took around 1,500 hours of labor and cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If 18 weeks seems like a short period of time to you, then you’ll be happy to know it’s possible to create an app in much less time using the AppMakr DIY platform, since so much of the process is automated and done behind the scenes. If you know what you need to do, then it’s possible to make your app in significantly less than 18 weeks!

So, if you need your app to be launched as soon as possible and for a very reasonable fee, then AppMakr should be at the center of your radar.