27 June, 2015

The Big Data Analytics Landscape 2015: The Analytical Maturity Model

Data analytics moves from hindsight (what happened?) to insight (why did it happen?) to foresight (what will happen and what should I do?). Depending on where you fall in this continuum, you need to pick the right combination of technology to support your current abilities and give you room to grow without falling behind.

Fortunately you can demystify your organization's place along this scale. Use this benchmark to grade your organization by the leadership, data strategy and technology currently in play.

The role of IT as simply storing data in a secure, stable fashion has expanded dramatically. Now, data is recognized as a highly valuable resource that must be supported by the right ecosystem of technologies.

To get the most out of your data – and to support your future analytical development – it is critical to identify your organization's analytical maturity level and select the appropriate supporting technology tools.