09 October, 2015

The Facebook 'dislike button' is here - and it's actually emoji reactions

Facebook's 'Like' button was introduced back in 2009 and changed the way we interacted with other people on the social network - and it's about to change again.

A new report suggests Facebook is preparing to introduce emotions to the platform, which will allow you to react with icons for laughter, anger, shock, love and more

If it's deemed successful then Facebook is sure to roll the feature out to the rest of the world. A 'Dislike' button has been rumoured for quite some time and the idea had a new lease of life after being dragged up again in recent weeks.

People have been asking for the feature as a way to give a suitable reaction to bad news when it's put on Facebook. If successful, we can see the social network bringing more emotions as time goes on - but hopefully not too many.

Because let's be honest: the 'like' button is a pretty lazy way of acknowledging someone's post. With an endless selection of one-click responses, what reason will we have to write actual comments anymore?