18 April, 2016

Theft-proof Indian smartphone brand - CREO Mark 1

Bangalore based consumer technology company Creo today unveiled its proprietary stock Android based Operating System, the FUEL OS and its flagship smartphone, the CREO Mark 1. The device will be available on the company's official website and on Flipkart at Rs. 19,999.
While the price pushes it at the face of some serious competition, the Mark 1 claims to have some unique and compelling OS features to take on its rivals. Take Retriever, an app that would apparently ensure you never lose your phone. There's Echo, a voice based answering machine system completely independent of carriers and devices and Sense, a universal phone search that finds what you're looking for when you double tap on the home button.

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO said, "We've been working long and hard to put out a product that redefines the way we look at hardware. In our fearless endeavor to make a smartphone that is more than just the sum of its great specs, we've built FUEL - an Operating System that'll give a new phone experience every month, with features that deliver on both, performance and functionality."

In terms of specs, the Mark 1 comes with a full metal body, 5.5" screen, Gorilla Glass 3 protection on both sides and 2.5D curves. There is a 21MP Sony IMX 230 Exmor rear camera and 8MP front camera and is powered by a 1.95 GHz True Octa Core Helio X10 Processor with 3GB RAM and a 3100mAh fast-charging Li-Po battery. There is also 32GB of storage that's expandable up to 128 GB, and 4G connectivity with smart Dual SIM.

Here are some of the Mark 1's most interesting features:

Sense - With Sense, you can find anything on your phone with a double-tap on the home button. Sense indexes everything from settings, apps, messages, contacts, photos, files to calendar events. Sense displays results as you type, letting you get to what you want in seconds.

Echo - Echo answers your calls for you when you can't. Set your own greeting and let Echo greet your caller and record messages for you. It works seamlessly without the Internet and without the involvement of carriers.

Retriever - The Retriever helps in detecting theft. It automatically triggers alerts to your Email ID anytime a new SIM is inserted into your Mark 1. The best part: it works without an active internet connection and even after a factory reset. The company claims this makes your phone 'un-stealable'.

Smart Roaming for Dual Sim - Designed for frequent travelers, Smart Roaming automatically makes sure your local SIM is set as the primary SIM and the Roaming Sim is made your Secondary SIM. Handy!

Smart Forwarding - A feature that auto-diverts calls from 'SIM 1' to 'SIM 2' in your Phone and vice versa when the network on either of the SIM cards is unavailable or unreachable.

Clean Inbox for Messages - The built-in SMS Inbox automatically detects spam and sorts your SMS's into categories like 'People' where you can see texts from people you know and business messages or spam.

Ultra Slo-Mo and 3D Photos - Mark 1's 21 MP rear cameras with Sony Exmor IMX230 sensor has the ability to shoot 120 FPS Ultra Slo-Mo videos in Full HD (1080p). The in-built camera app lets you snap 3D Photos with the Front and Back Camera.

On Demand Service - Users can just type 'CREO Support' in Sense and automatically Chat/Call with a CREO Support executive for any help with the Phone or its new features. Sense also shows the service centers closest to the user's location at that moment.