15 April, 2016

Twitter is boosting its partnership with SoundCloud and letting people listen to tracks within Moments

Twitter users can now listen to music tracks on SoundCloud within Moments - a part of Twitter that aims to help people quickly discover the most relevant content on the social media platform at any given time.

Twitter already allowed people to listen to tracks on SoundCloud's music streaming service through Twitter audio cards but showcasing SoundCloud music within Moments is a significant step forward in the duo's partnership.

A Twitter spokesman told that this "deeper integration into Moments will allow for a seamless listening experience across the platform."

"SoundCloud's inherently social infrastructure makes it easy to bring the newest music to the forefront, with 12 hours of new content shared on SoundCloud every minute."

Twitter launched Moments last October. The San Francisco-headquartered company built Moments in a bid to showcase the best text, photos, videos, music, and recordings from the sources that matter most.

"SoundCloud's millions of tracks will enhance Moments by adding a new/unique audio component," said the Twitter spokesman.