23 June, 2016

Sony Xperia E with artificial intelligence in your ear

Sony will produce the new artificial intelligence with the user’s ear and whispered.
Connection board of the phone, an application with the help of weather, appointments, social media messages, missed calls and news like that can respond to having to provide information commands on various topics device able to search in this way the internet can give you directions and dictation messages can be written even .
Spot news man seemed a little horse whispering, but it is not. whispering in your ear, things will no longer be an artificial intelligence. Thank you for following us the development of the technology. Sony Xperia E is called the device aims to whisper into the ear of the user with artificial intelligence. When the device is placed in the ear phone owner put it on the news this veriyor.tek via wireless devices, smartphones audiophiles it aims to live a kind of artificial intelligence experience.