30 July, 2016

PewDiePie,YouTube star made $8 million last year

PewDiePie, the most-subscribed YouTube creator with a dedicated audience of nearly 50 million peeps, had a pretty solid 2015. The wildly popular YouTube personality made just over $8 million last year, according to a report filed in Sweden and obtained by Variety. The best part? Dude also used his sustainable popularity to raise more than $1 million for various charities since becoming a household name
PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, stacked up an inarguably impressive $8.1 million in pretax profit against a total annual revenue of $8.6 million last year. To break that down for anyone who despises math with an unruly fury, that means PewDiePie (likely) made way more money last year than you or anyone you know.

Microsoft released an iPhone app it says takes better photos than Apple's camera

Microsoft is trying to make the iPhone's camera better.Microsoft Research announced a new app for the Apple iPhone on Wednesday that uses artificial intelligence to take better photos. It's called Microsoft Pix. "It puts the skill of a professional photographer in your pocket," Microsoft researchers wrote.

The Microsoft Pix user interface is simple - almost too simple. It doesn't have any modes or settings. Instead, it lets the computational power of the phone identify the best settings for exposure, focus, and even the exact second to take the photo.

The app even has facial recognition technology that is used so the camera app won't take a photo if the subject's eyes are closed. It automatically takes photos in burst mode and then chooses the best single photo from the batch, deleting the rest.

Microsoft Pix also has built in-algorithms that correct for shaky hands and can turn a photo or video into a looping GIF.

The result, according to Microsoft? Better pictures with sharper focus and clearer color.

Microsoft Pix is free for iPhones and can be downloaded now.

29 July, 2016

Facebook crushes Q2 earnings, hits 1.71B users and record share price

Coming off an all-time high stock price of $123.34, Facebook in Q2 2016 smashed earnings again. The social network continued steady growth just slightly slower at 3.63% compared to last quarter’s 3.77%, adding 60 million monthly users this quarter to reach 1.71 billion. It scored $6.44 billion in revenue and $0.97 EPS, blowing past estimates of $6.02 billion and $0.82 EPS.
This is Facebook’s 16th beat out of 17 quarters since it went public at $38 per share. Wall Street reacted to the positive earnings with a 7.5% bump in after hours trading to $132.60. It also hit another milestone: 1 billion daily mobile user.

Revenue growth was 59% year over year, which looks favorable compared to competitor Twitter, who yesterday announced its YOY revenue growth sunk to 20% from 60% a year ago. With 84% of ad revenue from mobile, total ad revenue was $6.24 billion.

You can read more about the financial results here

If you get caught using a VPN in the United Arab Emirates, you'll face fines of up to $545,000

The new law states that anyone who uses a VPN or proxy server can be imprisoned and fined between $136,000-$545,000 if they are found to use VPNs fraudulently.

UAE is one of the first governments in the world to actually regulate on behalf of and for its telecoms companies in order to help them stem loss of revenue from VoIP apps.

Etisalat and du are the only two companies in the world that have been granted licenses by the UAE government to offer commercial VoIP services, which can be expensive, and rather than enable citizens and residents to have choice about what services they want to use, the government is assisting UAE's telecom providers in upholding a monopoly on voice calls made in the country.

Although experts have criticized the UAE and Etisalat and du in the past for seeking to block the voice calling features in Snapchat, Skype and Whatsapp from working in the UAE, the UAE's telecoms regulator stands by the Etisalat and du, and also says that the apps should be banned due to security concerns.