21 September, 2016

Microsoft surprised everybody by announcing what's probably its last Nokia phone

Microsoft may be in the process of selling its feature phone (as in, not smartphone) business to Foxconn, but that apparently hasn't gotten in the way of the launch of the new Nokia 216 - making it likely the last Microsoft-made Nokia phone ever.

The Nokia 216, a super basic phone with a pair of lousy 0.3 megapixel cameras, a web browser, a 24-day battery(!) and not much else, isn't going to distract people away from the iPhone 7, nor is it meant to.

Instead, it's a last-minute play for developing nations like India, where smartphones are only still building up momentum, and where Microsoft has historically had its only real successes in the phone market. Instead of any of the Windows phone operating systems, it's a stripped-down, more old-school interface.